Powerful Kitting

Kits & Inventory Enhanced

Easy kit ordering for your clients, single kit product automatically expands to display each item required to make the correct number of kits, with assembly instructions and delivery distribution spreadsheet.

Ordering Kits

Kits appear online like any other product with the same controls like allowable quantities etc. Just enter the number of kits required.

Once ordered the fun begins, one orderline item expands to be multiple pick lines on the picking slip. Assembly instructions are automatically included to aid workflow. There is even a facility to upload and assign a delivery distribution spreadsheet and other instructions from the client at the time of ordering. These are then pulled down at processing time by the production team. Delivery distribution spreadsheet is never lost or mixed up with other kits.

Inventory Management

Kits are not inventoried but their component parts can be. Inventory for kits uses the automatic low stock warning system to ensure enough stock is available. Use of the allowable quantities option should be used to control how many kits each person can order.

Add your clients inventory to their web site or intranet. Produce, manage and provide logistics services to you clients and allow them to order from their own web site or intranet. Make it difficult for your customers to do without you!

Features List

  1. Easily Add Components
  2. Ordered as a single part #
  3. Printed Assembly Instructions
  4. Upload Kit Distribution Spreadsheet

Requirements To Use

Graphite Online Professional.

Web browser.