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Increased Sales

Product reviews give customers more confidence in their purchasing decisions increasing your sales.

Best SEO Practice

Product reviews attract search engines increasing page ranking with ever changing unique content.

Increased Trust

Product reviews increase customers trust of the entire site increasing conversions.

Mobile Access

Review, approve, manage your product reviews on your mobile device.

Moderate Reviews

Edit reviews before they are posted live to remove spelling mistakes, typos and offending words.

Built In Help

Read the helpful instructions and learn more about reviews and how they boost sales.

Review Benefits

Consumers are likely to spend 31% more on products/services from businesses that have excellent reviews. 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Consumer-generated content has a major positive impact on purchasing decisions, even when customers research online, and buy in store. More people read reviews as part of their pre-purchase research before buying a product or service.

Review Detail:
Approve, Edit or Reject

Approve: Quickly and easily approve or edit and approve fresh reviews, on mobile, laptop or desktop. Reject: Occasional a review must be rejected, simply click the Reject button, enter the reason, click send. Notify: In all cases an personalised Auto Email is sent to your reviewer notifying them about their product review.

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Review List

Simply list fresh reviews when there is more than one to approve. Click the Review button to drill into the detail screen, check the review content (optional edit) and update to status Approved or Rejected. Reviews do not appear in your online store until they are approved. The reviewer automatically recieves a personalised notification detailing the outcome of your action.

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Review Notifications
and Emails

You will be notified by an Auto Email notification when a fresh review has been submitted by a customer. Simply click the review link in the email to pop open the review page on your phone, tablet or computer. Update the product review and leave the review window open pop up notifications will alert you to fresh reviews as they are lodged. Approved reviews appear automatically with product details in your online store.

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Review Instructions

The Product Review module enables customers to sign in and post product reviews, these are then moderated and approved by the store administrator so they can be displayed online with the product.

Reviews are assigned between 1 and 5 stars and a writeup of the product in question. The average number of stars is shown along with the total numnber of reviews posted. Clicking this opens and displays all the customers reviews, no need to sign up to read reviews. Sign up and sign in is required to add reviews. Posting a review sends an Auto Email to the store administraotr and a Notification* on the screen. The store administraotr can click a link in the Auto Email or Notification* to see and approve the review on; phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Simply check the review and click the approve button to have it pubished beneath the product panel and inform the reviwer of the approval.

* Notifications: With permission notifications will pop up in any application to inform you of fresh reviews to check.

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Review Origins

Where product reviews come from. Your eCommerce site! The Product Review Module adds an option to display product reviews online. Customers are encouraged to write product reviews while they shop online. They can quickly and easly sign-up so they can securely add as many reviews as they like. This also allows them other benefits, faster checkout with all their details filled in, ability to add vehicles to their personal garage, special deals you might offer to members etc.

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